How to Use

Tear open the Alcohol Prep

Clean your finger

Push in and twist the knob of the Lancet

Pull out the knob

Place the Lancet at the finger and press the trigger to prick the finger

Collect about 1 to 2 drops of blood sample using Micro Pipette

Place about 1 drop of blood sample into the Sample Well using the Micro Pippette

Open the cap of the Diluent Bottle

Place about 2-4 drops of Diluent Liquid into the Sample Well slowly

Read results within 10 minutes

Test Results

(No HIV anti-bodies detected)
Dark Pink/Black Line next to "C"

(HIV anti-bodies detected)
Dark Pink/Black Line next to "C" and "T"

(The device may be faulty, please test again using a new kit)


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Your test kits are really easy to use. Thanks for the fast delivery as well....

I did not know that HIV and Syphilis test kits do exist until I found out about your site....

A very great test kit. Thank you for selling such a wonderful product !...